Soft Tones

Little Flower

Macro photo of a flower

One Drop

Drop with soft tones

A little present for you!

Lizard carry

Fresh Flowers

Lovely Flowers

Splashed flower

Flower & Drops

The throat of the Flower

Macro flower

Open wings


Heart of the flower

Splashed flower


This flower grows on a cactus blooms only overnight! She lives about 8 hours

Shining Flower

Radiant cactus flower that only blooms one night! I am fortunate to have some cactus in my garden and each season I can witness this event.

Birthday Rain

Because each year that passes is like a drop of rain, It refreshes the soul giving us a hint of wisdom On this day we celebrate life with joy Giving thanks to God by abiding soak ourselves with joy! (R.E.O.E)

Happy Friday

Lovely flowers for a happy day!

Divine innocence

Flower opening to life.

Dazzling Flower

Beautiful summer flower.

New Begining

Flower bud.

Fresh Flower

Flower before Dawn

Droplets of Happiness

Dew Drops on Petals.

Flower Drop

Flower bud with the dew of the night.