Skull Face

Jumper Spider

Two Flying Hearts

Lady Bug ready to take off

Colorful Beauty

A night Butterfly

Gecko Reflection

Gecko on a Mirror


Tiny frog over a leaf

Love is in the Air

Lady Bugs enjoying life!

Happy Spider

Jump Spider

Atomic Ant

Ant looking for food

Grasshopper in a Flower

Lovely Grasshopper smiling to the camera

Pink Spider

Junper Spider loves the camera!

Hungry Bee

Bee looking for nectar

Lady Bug

Lady bug in a wild flower

The Grasshopper

The Grasshopper in the morning

Bee Chicken

Bee with a water drop


Macrobug photography

Spider in the Shadows

Jumper Spider

Gold & Purple

Strange ant in a flower

Bee Happy!

Bee Happy in a yellow flower

From Another World


Thinking Cockroach

Insect in yoga position

Breakfast Time

Bee in a Flower

Love is in the air

Lady bugs having fun

Ladys Night

Lady Bugs

Bee yourself

Bee Macrocapture

Atomic Ant


In the Shadows

Grasshopper hiding

I see you!

Fly with stack images technique

Fly away

Ladybug going home

Love is on the air

Lady bugs having fun

Jumper in the beach

Jumper spider on a starfish

On your skin

Ladybug on my hand

Taking off

Ladybug ready to go

Sexy Friday!

Ladybug´s in action

Breakfast at tiffany´s

Bee pollinating

Shell of heart

Bug with a heart on his back

Pepe Grillo

Grasshopper living happy

Look at me

Eye of a Lizard

Looking for food

Jumper spyder

Convention of jumping spiders

Jumper spiders

Ladybug landing

Ladybug in action

Like an Alien

Wasp Queen

Queen wasp with her baby´s

A little present for you!

Lizard carry

Bee Party

Macrophotography of a group of bees

Ladybug and Still Life

Ladybug and Still Life



Space Invaders

Bug over an orchaid

Grasshopper praying

Loving threesome


Gangsta Style

Wasps Rappers

Bee Cool

Yellow jacket Wasp

Between shadows

Lady bug under a little tree

Sunday walking

Lady bug in a bush

Micro Beatle

Little Beatle

Lady Speed

Lady bug at turbo speed



Stairway to Heaven

Waiting for you!

Microphotographing of a fly on a log.

Mirror mirror tell me who is the most beautiful ..

Reflection of an Ant on the water.

Blue Moth

Blue Moth at the shadow of the night.

Beauty in Pink

Midnight beauty!.


Moth Night sheltered.

The Green Hornet

Spring Green Hornet.

The life in pink

Ant on the petal of a rose.

Working for you

Mosquito perched on the tripod

Another shot of the same Bug

First time I meet one of these bugs in the garage of my house and it was an excellent model. He was perched on a log of wood and loved being photographed!


Miniature shoot session and coposite with special energy effect

Skull Island

Scene inspired by the movie Kong in the Skull Island. Photo taken with the characters of the video game Call of Duty

Blue Heart

Wedding ring on a blue heart