Sky is the limit

One leg seagull with out limitations

Best Friends

Pelican in Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico

Seagulls in Motion

Miss Birdy

Are you Talking to Me?

Black Crow

Pelican Swiming

Pelican Swimming in the beach

Yellow Breast

Lonely yellow breast bird

Graceful Heron

Heron on the Beach

Jump of Faith

Pelican jumping to the air

Morning on the beach

Yellow breast bird

The Girl & the Seagulls

Child playing with Seagulls at Cancun Beach

Welcome to Atlantida


Nature in Puerto Aventuras, Cancun, Mexico

Elegant Heron


First Light

Sunrise on the Pier

Pregnant in paradise

Riviera Maya

Snack Fight

Seagulls fighting for a snack


Seagulls at Dawn